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Click Here For Full Review [ Nov-01-2010 ]

The domain transfer is complete.
The domain transer is complete and the site is functional, though I'm still looking for a more recent version. There is more coming to the site, so stay tuned. Last but not least, the XDP R-4 release from 8-8-2008 is now available for download.
Two things to note:
1.) You may now access this site by using either OR However, when linking to the site, please ONLY use This will avoid broken links if subdomains or folders need to be changed.
2.) The feedback form technically works, but it seems that the messages are being blocked somewhere along the way. So, if you use the form, I won't get the message. Due to spam abuse, email filters have gotten very strict and I'll need to find a way to allow the messages from this site.

[ Oct-24-2010 ]

The website is back!
The website is back, but still being configured. I'm currently in the process of transferring the domain so there will be some more downtime before it's finished. Also, this is obviously an older backup of the website. I'm sure I have a more recent backup somewhere, it's just a matter of finding it. The XDP R-4 release from 8-8-2008 is not yet uploaded, but will be available soon.

[ Apr-20-2006 ]

I hope everyone had a great Easter / Passover.
The current status of XDP
I'm happy to report that I've finally fixed the bug that appears when you load a Bookmark from the VMU. This bug has been present since the 2nd Release and I didn't want to release the 4th until I had it fixed. The bug didn't keep you from loading a bookmark, but it was a nuisance if you had multiple bookmark saves on the same VMU. With that out of the way, I will be putting together an image for upload as I get time. The download won't be ready immediately, but the release of R-4 is imminent. I have been wanting to give the interface an overhaul. I may upload both a "classic" version as well as a new interface version. "Classic" would be the same overall interface as R-3, with some minor changes... or I may just wait until the new interface is finished and upload it alone.
Your feedback on this is welcome.

Please note: If you link to this website, please use the address, as this specific server is temporary.

[ Mar-29-2006 ]

PSD Homepage is Back!
After a longer hiatus than expected, this website is in the process of coming back online. Due to my slow 24k dialup connection it will take a while. Not all parts are available yet and some links will be temporarily broken. Check back soon as more becomes available.

[ Sep-30-2005 ]

Notice: Changing Servers!
This website will be down temporarily while we change servers. I appreciate your patience while this takes place. This site WILL be back online soon.

[ Jun-19-2005 ]

Maximum Pool Online!
We've all heard of the Maximum Pool Online game save that would allow Dreamcast users to connect to the updated servers and play with PC players, but no one seemed to have the save. Well, thanks to Tino who made a new save, we can now play this Dreamcast game online again. The Maximum Pool servers are still filled with PC players, so DC users can connect to find opponents any time of the day! You can download the save on your Dreamcast right here:
All Unlocked (9 blocks). You can also get this from the VMU Saves section.

[ Followup: ]

If you have contacted me, but have not gotten a response, please try again in case I lost or overlooked an email or 2.

[ Notice: ]

To everyone who has contacted me... I've been away due to a death in the family, and have returned. As you can imagine, I have a lot of catching up to do, including a lot of email to sort through and pm's to read. So, those of you who have contacted me for any reason should be getting a response within the next few days. Thank you for your patience.

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