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[ Apr-25-2005 ]

XDP 3rd release now available.
I'd like to say "thank you" to all of you who have patiently awaited this release. There IS a known bug - when you load a bookmark 1/2 the screen is black. I've been holding off on releasing it till this was fixed, but after much hunting, I've not found the cause. However, there are enough updates to justify releasing it anyway. If you find other bugs, please submit to feedback, or the XDP yahoo group.

Edit: My alologies... The download links were wrong and have been fixed.

[ Mar-09-2005 ]

XDP Browsers Group Opened
Despite the fiasco with Yahoo, I have decided to open another browser group since a lot of people seemed to like the old one and it was a good place for DC Browser users to find support. It can be found Here.

Netlink League is Back!
Here's what Xranger60 had to say about it:

Hey all netlinkers, It's me Xranger60, owner of the Sega Saturn Netlink League again. I'm trying to restart the league, so look for some updates on the site again. Let's get this thing going! The netlink is a great old school way to play games, and we won't just let it fade out. If anybody wants to play some matches, email me. Look for some changes ahead, and please help to get interest revived by spreading the news about the netlink league on message boards and such. Also, if you are not intending to play anymore or have no interest please let me know so I can remove you from the list. That's all for now, email me back,

[ Feb-10-2005 ]

Online Java Arcade
A java applet arcade has been opened up. A PC or Planetweb 3.0 is required for play. Most of the java games "should" work with Planetweb 3.0, but are untested. Feedback on compatibilty would be appreciated.
Javascript Games
9 more javascript games have been added to the Javascripts section of the site. These have been tested to work on a PC. A few may work on a DC, but have not yet been tested.
Java Chat
A java chat client has been added to the Community section of the site for PC user's. Now chatting in #dcchat is as easy as clicking a link!
VMU Saves
I've made a couple more EXTRA.BG.PVRs. They can be found in the VMU section. For those of you who aren't familiar with these - they will add a background image to the default DC system bios screen. *Here is an example of one: EXTRA.BG.PVR 38 blocks.

[ Psilocybin Dreams Re-opens! ]

...And is now Dreamcast Compatible! This website has moved to a new host. There is still much to do to this site, but I am making an effort to present you with an entire range of Dreamcast support as soon as possible. It is my intention to provide a lot of Dreamcast-specific content on this site as well as some XDP exclusive features and a PC section.

At present, I've disabled downloads of the browser until I can get things situated, but it will be back up shortly.

If you wish to contact the Psilocybin Team about the project, then please do so via the DCEmu Forums.

You can find a review of XDP by clicking the image above.

In even bigger news: Dreamcast.PlanetWeb is now back online! I'd like to give a HUGE "thank you" to Mr. Ken Soohoo and all the crew at planetweb for their phenomenal support of the Dreamcast community over the years. They have been very gracious in providing us with great web building tools, game saves, sofdecs, etc.

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